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Community Spotlight: Terri Hudson

  • TerriH

Courtesy and open dialogues are a few of the things that Terri Hudson, our October community member highlight, believes define community. A navy reservist, Terri helped build the Meridian-Kessler HOA directory of local businesses. Having had other neighborhoods to compare to, she finds the walk-ability, friendly faces, rich history, and ever-present lifelong friends within our community to be her favorite. Her love of the state fair, the tour of homes, and local shows invigorate her stewardship to volunteer annually in the French market and assist those experiencing personal difficulty. On the heels of a recent culinary school graduation, Terri hopes to begin the groundwork on a family business manufacturing and distributing ramen noodles. The Indy Hostel appreciates Terri’s warmth and counts her among the many shining stars that share our roads.