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First Time Visiting The Indy Hostel? - FAQ

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​Q: When can I check in?
A:You can check-in from 2:00pm EST Our front desk is staffed until 10:00pm we do accommodate late arrivals with a fee.

Q: Where can I park?

A: We have many places for parking in our driveway and yard, however there is always street parking close to the Indy Hostel.

Q:How can I get to the Indy Hostel from the airport?

There are a few options! You can choose to take buses 8-17. Or you can look into a taxi/uber, which would cost roughly around $50 depending on the time of day. 

Q: When do I need to check-out?

A:Check out is at 11:00am EST

Q: Do I have the option to book a private room?

A: Yes, we have four private rooms if you prefer non-cummunal living.

Q: Does the Indy Hostel have Wi-Fi?

A: Yes! The Indy Hostel offers complimentary Wi-Fi for its guests.  

Q: Do I have to bring my own sheets and linens?

A: We provide all the clean sheets, towels, blankets, and pillows you need.

Q: Is smoking allowed in the hostel?

A: Smoking is only allowed outside the hostel. We have a deck, courtyard, and other areas outside where you can smoke.

Q: Is there a curfew?

A: No! We do, however, ask our guests to be respectful of other guests during sleeping hours.

Q: Are there lockers?

A: Lockers are provided. Padlocks can be rented at the front desk for $5. Locker dimensions: 14” X 10” X 23”

Q: Is there air-conditioning and heating?

A: Yes, of course!

Q: How close are the nearest bars?

A: There is a vibrant college bar scene "Broad Ripple Village" two miles from the Indy Hostel. Easily walkable via the famous Monon Trail. There are also many restaurants and eateries in our surrounding area.

Q: How close are you to down town Indianapolis?

A: We are 5.7 miles north of downtown.

Q: Do you offer breakfast? What can I use from the kitchen?

A: We do offer breakfast a small breakfast, however if there are any additional items you would want there are markets near by. You can use whatever pots and pans in the kitchen, just be sure to clean up after. Be sure to label your food with your name and checkout date so it does not get tossed.

Q:How old must I be to reserve a room at the Indy Hostel?

A:Guests must be at least 18 years of age to book a room. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian and booked in a private room.

Q: Is this a youth hostel?

A: We receive families with children, college students, adults, and retirees. We welcome all ages.

Q: Do I have to be a member of Hostelling International or another organization to stay here?

A: No! We accept all guests alike, regardless of hostelling affiliations. We accept reservations for rooms on a first-come-first-served basis. So reserve early!

Q: How do I meet people at a hostel?

A: The easiest way is to stay in a dorm room - and hey, it's cheap! But you can also invite others to plan and share a meal with you. Or you can research some fun things to do in the city, and invite a group of individuals to come along. The best way to make friends with your fellow hosteller is to be open to new activities and keep your schedule clear.

Q: Am I allowed to have guests?

A: Generally, we say no. Why? There are some liability and safety issues, but the main issue has to do with the fact that we are running a business for the overnight accommodations of paying guests. Besides during our sponsored art/music shows, the general public is not normally admitted onto the premises. If, however, you would like to give an outside guest a tour of the hostel, please contact us so when can arrange a tour for you and your friend.

Q: I've been to hostels in Europe. What does Indy Hostel have in common with those hostels?

A: We offer many of the same amenities that you find in European versions, but we have the bonus feature of being located in a residential area within a major city. Furthermore, our buildings resemble what you might normally think of as "home", and we strive to create an ambiance that reflects the city's focus on arts and cultural diversity with bright colors and examples of local art. We organize weekly events for guests only. Sometimes we organize music and art shows with local and touring artists to which we invite both guests and community members to attend. Check out our events and home pages for more information.​