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The Acts!!

  • MKpic

Michael Kelsey 

MICHAEL KELSEY is a rhythmic, inspired guitarist and performance artist who blends many musical genres with fervour and grace. When he hits the stage to perform, he plays every inch of his guitar pulling out every part of it or anything else an arm's length or foot kick away. Through out a performance Michael may make use of technology, his improv skills, objects in the room, and audience interaction to make music for the ears but more importantly a musical experience for the senses.

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  • SPV

Sweet Poison Victim

SPV is an experience. Strap in, slam a little juice, and get ready to ride the funky snake all the way to the lake.

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  • willoughbysprig

Willoughby Sprig

Forming in the summer of 2009, Willoughby Sprig is the collaborative music project of Christopher and Nicholas Burrus. The twin brothers have developed their skills as multi-instrumentalists to pioneer a genre of music they call “Progressive Earth,” molding a musical style which is grounded in American and Western European folk traditions, and combining elements of Persian and Indian music with influences and technique from the instrumental music of Baroque Europe. Much of their repertoire is original, however they strive to preserve obscure folk songs, arranging words and melodies to bring new life to older traditions as well.

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  • JP

Joshua Powell

“Joshua Powell and the Great Train Robbery” may not fit on a marquis, but the name suits the band just fine. Joshua and his folk band borrowed their brand from a 1903 silent Western and have crafted their sound in that sure-footed Americana tradition ever since. The crux of their music is in the storytelling – stories that embrace the fact that we are all human together. The band has two new releases: The Commonwealth EP, available for free on Noise Trade, and a new LP, Man Is Born For Trouble, available in April from digital outlets.

The band may have originated in the heartland, but there is something distinctly Southern about their songs. There is dusty peacefulness in the lulling folk that evokes comparisons to Iron and Wine and Fionn Regan, and an unmistakable grit that erupts like a bar fight when the band delves into their rockier side. Joshua and the band spent nearly two years in Indiana perfecting this duality as they played every Midwest bar and coffeehouse that would have them.

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  • KnollwoodBoys

Knollwood Boys

A funky, laid-back group whose choice of cover songs knows no bounds and whose original songs’ genre is undefinable.

Kit put the band together in Summer ’10 with long-time friends Brent and Steve, and more recent amigo, Nate. What started with one show has blossomed into something that continues to grow everyday.

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  • lisawalks

Lisa Walks

inger/songwriter Lisa Walks began her music endeavor at a young age, but didn't realize how her undeniably catchy tunes could get so many people tapping their feet and humming a long. With her view on love and life, Lisa takes a simple concept and spruces it up with a slight twist of unique sounds, a soulful voice, and charming lyrics. It's safe to say her debut EP is just a foreshadow of the grandeur tunes to come in the future. Stay tuned. - Brite Revolution

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  • cyrusyoungman

Cyrus Youngman

Cyrus Youngman has recently joined into a partnership with the independent record label "NOME" and will be releasing his new EP in March. He is a loose-leaf tobacco smoking bohemian poet, a passionate artist and folk musician, an advocate for dumpster diving, and a believer in the infinite mysteries of the road.

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  • dapper

The Dapper

Although Dan and Aaron began writing music together in 2007, 'The Dapper' music project began in earnest in January of 2009.

These gentlemen first met whilst working together on a documentary film in Indiana. Following the film's completion and after a few international collaborations (Canada to Indiana via the internets), a body of work began to materialize. These new tunes blended their tastes and talents in a unique style. Dan's eclectic experimental structures lean on classical/jazz training and mix fluidly with Aaron's singer-songwriter, indie/folk style to create a fresh mixture of the old and new.

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