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Check Out These Hostels in the Mid-West!

Wayfaring Buckeye Hostel (180 miles)

  • wayfaring

The Wayfaring Buckeye is a social place to stay. Why stay isolated and alone when you can be immediately plugged into Columbus by staying here? Give them a call (614) 754-0945 or send an email

IHSP Chicago (184 miles)

  • ihsp

The people behind IHSP were or are all university students that gained a lot of experience when they started a students housing program for J1 Visa students several years ago.  Later, after school was over, these same people became world travelers and experienced some of Europes best hostels and guest houses.

In a joint venture with AAE World Hostels and AWA Hostels, IHSP began to develope hostels in key cities within the USA.

Today, we strive to bring you the best "Youth Accommodation Services" possible.

Call 312-731-4234 to make a reservation.

Hostel Detroit (276 miles)

  • Hostel detroit

Hostel Detroit truly began in November 2010, when founder Emily Doerr realized there was a need for a space where curious travelers could come stay, explore, and learn about Detroit. As an avid traveler and Couchsurfer, Emily often hosted guests in her Corktown neighborhood condominium – sometimes as many as 10/week. The influx of visitors gave her an idea:

“Let’s open a hostel in Detroit!”

Emily leased a building, reached out to everyone she knew, and started putting it all together. After countless volunteer hours spent building, painting, planting, and cleaning, it was was ready. Hostel Detroit hosted its first guests on April 17th, 2011.

Give them a call 313-451-0333 or shoot them an email

The Cleveland Hostel (317 miles)

  • cleveland hostel

Cleveland Hostel is a Modern American Hostel of over 10,000 square feet. We offer both shared and private rooms with a total of sixty beds. All of the bathrooms are individual with a shower, sink, and commode and are only a few steps away from the sleeping rooms. Some of the private rooms have an attached bathroom. We have wonderful common spaces where travelers can mingle with others guests. We have a spacious and fully equipped kitchen and dining room so you have a place to prepare and enjoy the treasures of the West Side Market. Relax in our two comfortable lounges as well as the rooftop deck with fabulous views of the Cleveland skyline! We invite you to take advantage of our convenient amenities such as bike rental and storage, free wifi, and free parking across the street. You can book online or call 216-394-0616 to make a reservation.