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Meet the Indy Hostel Crew

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The Management Team


  • jim-flag

Jim was born and raised in the good 'ol USA. He loves puppies and hunting gear, and cowboy boots. By day he is a computer nerd, by night he is the main cowboy on duty (aka the Hostel Manager). Stop by and hang by the bonfire. Tell a story. And become a friend!


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Elizabeth grew up in Indianapolis, spending much of her childhood exploring the downtown and Fountain Square areas with her family and friends. Although she is thankful for the diversity, ingenuity, and Hoosier hospitality of her hometown, she is draw to traveling outside the boarders of Indiana, and the U.S.
Having never left the country before college, she took every opportunity to travel during her enrollment at Hanover College. When Guan, her freshman floor mate, asked her to go home with her over Christmas break she immediately agreed and explored China, Hanzhou to Shenzhen. Her travels have sense taken her through Haiti, Mexico, Zanzibar, Malta, Vietnam, and a few more countries, including Germany, home to her extended family. In her near future she has plans to visit Malaysia and Ghana.
Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2014, Elizabeth spent a year of service with AmeriCorps as the Community Relations and Research VISTA, hosted by The Oaks Academy. Now she works part-time at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and is the assistant manager of the hostel. She is very excited to join the Indy Hostel family and to learn more about the unique Broad Ripple and SoBro neighborhoods!


  • Nikki

Nikki (aka the Director of Guest Services and also "House Mom") joined the Indy Hostel crew in August 2012. She's our most extensive traveler having visited 25 countries and has 85 stamps in her passports! She’s stayed in hostels all over the world and loves chatting with other travelers! She's a true wanderer by heart and has visited all over the world including: Nicaragua, Japan, Croatia, England, and France, Australia, Thailand, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, England, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Scotland, & Greece, and many places in the grand 'ol USA! Her goal is to see 500 of the places featured in 1000 Places to See before You Die! She was born in San Francisco, CA and was raised in Indiana. By day, she works for IU School of Medicine. She works on Friday nights so stop by and say hello!

The Staff (aka Awesome Workers)


  • Natebio

Nathan, born and raised in Indiana (with a few years in Texas) is thrilled to have recently joined the Indy Hostel crew. While he has not travelled extensively for leisure, he has toured the country as part of The Cavaliers of Rosemont, IL, and the Bluecoats of Canton, OH, two world-class drum and bugle corps internationally known for excellence in the marching pageantry arts. He proudly works by night at Mesh, an innovative upscale restaurant on the artsy Mass Ave, serving some of the most delicious cuisine in the city in a beautiful setting. He is proud to be an active member of Indianapolis’ amazing stand-up comedy scene. He is a club regular at Morty’s Comedy Joint in Carmel and is the co-founder and head writer of Back of the Room, a sketch comedy group and video production company. He attended Ball State University, studying Music Education, and is on the instructional staff of Rhythm X Winds, the first WGI Winds World Champion. He loves animals, food, friendship, great music, and his amazing angel of a mom. He looks forward to the adventures and international camaraderie that his experiences at Indy Hostel will inevitably bring!



  • Danibio

Dani joined the Indy Hostel Crew in September 2015. After studying Cultural Anthropology, World Religion, and Philosophy at Hanover College, she discovered her love of culture, linguistics, spirituality, food, and people from all over the world. Dani works in the housing and community development industry and also gives Taste Indy food tours throughout Indy’s art and cultural districts. Dani practices an active and healthy lifestyle and loves to cook, ride bikes, lift weights, and practice yoga. In her free time (which isn’t much!) she loves hanging at the hostel, going to concerts and local events, checking out craft breweries and local restaurants, and chillin’ with her lovely boyfriend and doggie.
Dani has travelled quite a bit throughout Europe and Turkey and visits her parents every year in Costa Rica. Eventually she plans to move to Colorado to get her Masters in nature-based, sustainable tourism. Her long term goal is to run a hostel abroad and enhance local communities’ tourism industries through sustainable practices and activities.
Dani loves to learn about others’ experiences and journeys and to find similarities between her culture and others’. You’ll probably find her at the hostel chatting away with some of the guests and telling them about all the cool things Indy has to offer. She has loved living in Indianapolis for the past year and is really starting to feel like a Hoosier! Follow her on Instagram @dani_really!


  • Clarebio2

Clare joined the Hostel Crew in September 2015. She loves to travel and meet people from all over the world, so what better place to be than Indy Hostel? By day she is an English teacher, but by night you’ll find her either at the hostel or out enjoying Indy with friends! One thing she loves about Indy is that so many neighborhoods within the city are growing and flourishing, so it’s fun to always have new places to go explore. Come to Indy, stay at the hostel, and experience a great city!

Hostel Legends


  • ryan

Ryan is the man who makes the world turn, as well as this boat. Difficult he can do, the impossible just takes him a little longer.


  • addison bio

Addision joined Indy Hostel Crew in 2013. He lived on-site for two years. If you visited in 2013-2015 you've seen him napping in the common room snuggled on the couch! He is a staple in the Indianapolis scene and is also the mastermind behind Keep Indy Indie. We are lucky to have him as the Director of Marketing and Promotions at Indy Hostel!


  • paul

Paul is an Indianapolis native and was the main man of the hostel from 2013-2015. He has had a ton of fun experiences and knows the value of meeting good people along life's journey.  His travels abroad started in the Air Force with Okinawa, Japan then Baghdad, Iraq.  He has a degree in Elementary Education, studied in England, and backpacked through much of Europe.  Most recently he was a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand.  After the Peace Corps he journeyed through Nepal, India, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, and Ireland before coming home to his family and friends in Indiana.  Now working and volunteering in Indianapolis, he couldn't be more proud of the changes his city is going through.  Although he loves being home, as the Thais say "his heart beats from his foot," and is always ready for the next adventure. He is currently traveling around Central America, but will be back in Indy soon!

John & Karen: The Owners

  • John and Karen

John and Karen wear many hats here at the Indy Hostel. John helps with maintenance and some back office functions, while Karen helps with housekeeping management and is our very own Yoga Instructor. They stay busy around the hostel and have been here since the doors first opened in late 2003! Meeting travelers from all over always keeps them energized and they are always excited to hear traveler’s super stories and interesting itineraries as they have been inspirational! As the owners of Indy Hostel, they feel like they travel every day but never have to pack, and always sleep in their own bed! Their recent trips have taken them to: Mexico, West Virginia, Italy, and New Jersey. They love to travel and host travelers, and couldn't think of a more fitting position to be in. So stop by soon and get here on a night when you can attend one of Karen's marvelous yoga classes!