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Meet the Indy Hostel Crew

  • Hostel Staff

Paul: The Manager

  • paul

Paul is an Indianapolis native who joined the Indy Hostel crew in October 2013.  He has had a ton of fun experiences and knows the value of meeting good people along life's journey.  His travels abroad started in the Air Force with Okinawa, Japan then Baghdad, Iraq.  He has a degree in Elementary Education, studied in England, and backpacked through much of Europe.  Most recently he was a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand.  After the Peace Corps he journeyed through Nepal, India, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, and Ireland before coming home to his family and friends in Indiana.  Now working and volunteering in Indianapolis, he couldn't be more proud of the changes his city is going through.  Although he loves being home, as the Thais say "his heart beats from his foot," and is always ready for the next adventure.

Nikki & Eric: The Staff (aka Awesome Workers)

  • Nikki

Nikki joined the Indy Hostel crew in August 2012. She's our 2nd most extensive traveler having visited 20 countries and has 50+ stamps in her passports! She’s stayed in hostels all over the world and loves chatting with other travelers! In the past year she’s visited Australia, Thailand, many European Countries (Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, England, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Scotland, & Greece), and many places in the grand 'ol USA! Her goal is to see 500 of the places featured in 1000 Places to See before You Die! She was born in San Francisco, CA and was raised in Indiana. By day, she works for IU School of Medicine. She works on Friday nights so stop by and say hello!

  • eric davis

Eric officially joined the Indy Hostel crew in September 2014. He had been helping with events and other odd jobs around the hostel since his return from the Czech Republic in mid-summer. He is originally from Greenwood, IN, and attended college at Indiana University in Bloomington, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice in 2008. After that, he moved to South Korea to teach English to children and adults in the southwestern part of the country. Two years later, wanting to explore other areas of the world, Eric travelled around Southeast Asia for a while before landing in Central Europe. He lived in Prague and managed an English School for young-learners for two and half years. Living in this part of the world allowed him to travel around a bit of Europe, exploring and playing sports.

When he is not travelling, Eric enjoys spending time with his family and friends, hiking, camping and playing sports. He loves doing anything on the water, especially kayaking and rafting. He is now back in Indy, working at the hostel, among other jobs, saving money for his next big adventure. He plans to venture down to South America in 2015. Come by the hostel and see him while he is around town.

Addison: Social Media and Marketing Manager

  • addison

Addison graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington, in December of 2012 with a self-created degree in Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions and a minor in Public Health. In January of 2013, he moved to Austin, Texas where he played music and did psychological research at the University of Texas at Austin. After moving back to Indianapolis in July of 2013, Addison founded "Keep Indy Indie" which is a spin-off of Austin's "Keep Austin Weird" support local campaign. Keep Indy Indie promotes independent business, localization, and community empowerment and seeks to foster creativity and entrepreneurism in Indianapolis. He became a live-in staff member at Indy Hostel on his 25th birthday in November of 2013. Keep Indy Indie has partnered with Indy Hostel to host events such as concerts and art shows. 

The Interns: Roberto and Ashlyn

  • IMG_0658

Roberto joined the Indy Hostel Crew in January of 2015. With a passion for listening to and learning from people's stories, he couldn't think of a better place to intern at than Indy Hostel. Also a freelance reporter/photographer by day (and sometimes by night), Roberto enjoys diving into subcultures and creating content and pictures which profile people or things through an objective lens. You can find some of his work in NUVO and Musical Family Tree as well other Indianapolis publications. Roberto has lived in Japan (Tsukuba) via a study abroad program as well as traveled throughout Europe and North America. The Indianapolis music scene and craft beer scene are two local movements which he's overjoyed to participate in. You can keep up with his comings and goings on Instagram or Twitter at @robertosmind.

  • IMG_2897

Ashlyn joined the Hostel Crew in January 2015. She’s currently an Indiana University student studying journalism and sociology. Working directly with people and hearing all the stories individual’s have had to offer has been the motivation for her to pursue journalism. The hostel has allowed her to meet people from all over and hear their stories of travel and life. She currently writes for the Indiana Daily Student in Bloomington and spends her free time rock climbing.

Hostel Legend List: Ryan

  • ryan

Ryan is the man who makes the world turn, as well as this boat. Difficult he can do, the impossible just takes him a little longer.

John & Karen: The Owners

  • John and Karen

John and Karen wear many hats here at the Indy Hostel. John helps with maintenance and some back office functions, while Karen helps with housekeeping management and is our very own Yoga Instructor. They stay busy around the hostel and have been here since the doors first opened in late 2003! Meeting travelers from all over always keeps them energized and they are always excited to hear traveler’s super stories and interesting itineraries as they have been inspirational! As the owners of Indy Hostel, they feel like they travel every day but never have to pack, and always sleep in their own bed! Their recent trips have taken them to: Mexico, West Virginia, Italy, and New Jersey. They love to travel and host travelers, and couldn't think of a more fitting position to be in. So stop by soon and get here on a night when you can attend one of Karen's marvelous yoga classes!

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