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Kelly & Paul met on a warm summer afternoon in August. Kelly was working as a server at SoBro Cafe, a neighborhood restaurant in the Broad Ripple area while Paul was living and working around the corner at the Indy Hostel. He invited his family to brunch at SoBro one weekend while Kelly was working, and the two instantly connected. When it came time to leave they said their goodbyes, but it was clear they were interested in getting to know each other more. They reluctantly said goodbye, but Kelly had a feeling Paul was going to come back the next day.

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Kelly's intuition was right as Paul returned the following morning for brunch. Toward the end of his meal Paul asked for Kelly's number. Kelly eagerly handed it right over (she was going to give it to him regardless). They had their first date the following day, and have been together ever since. Each had the feeling they might be the one for each other from the very beginning.

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Paul proposed to Kelly on the weekend of the summer solstice. The Indy Hostel, where they both lived & worked, was hosting a live music event called "Stringing in the Solstice" on June 20, 2015. One of their favorite local bands & good friends, Bigfoot Yancey, were scheduled to headline the event. Paul surprised Kelly as she entered the backyard! He was standing on stage and as Kelly walked towards him, the audience handed her forty four orange flowers each with a love note attached to its stem, all from Paul.

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It was an amazing and beautiful gathering to celebrate Kelly & Paul's love with their families, friends, and community. They danced with each other and friends all night long.

Later on Paul commented, "We were able to host all of our friends and family for our wedding celebration and it was just what we wanted, a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of space and positive energy for the weekend. Many stayed at the Indy Hostel while others could just drop in and sit by the fire. The most important part for us is that we could make the space our own without too many restrictions or extra fees. The Indy Hostel is a true gem in Indianapolis."

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