• Address:  4903 Winthrop Ave Central, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
  • Phone:  +1 317-727-1696
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2BR Apartment
Private Ensuite
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Double Private
6 Bed Female Shared Dorm
12 Bed Co-Ed Shared Dorm
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Indy Hostel Group Rental - Our backyard event space is flanked by a powered main deck, which comes readily equipped with power strips and stage lights, a covered bar, an elegant courtyard, and abundant deck space. This enchanting backyard space can easily be covered with rented tents on a rainy day.

The event space comfortably holds 120 guests. The Indy Hostel includes accommodations for up to 42 people in a 5,000 sq/ft house built in the 1920s, with a large kitchen and a first-floor common area - great for dinner or an indoor ceremony.

Max guest: 42
Bed type: 20 single beds,8 double beds & 2 large double beds
Total area:  6000 ft2 

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